Our story
De Ware Jacob hotel stands on historical ground, surrounded by a very rich past.
We are a second-generation family business with a long history and experience of hospitality management. Since their university years Andre & Tania always dreamed of building their own hotel in the city where they fell in love. Discovering the building in such a peaceful yet central residential area of Amsterdam, they immediately took on the challenge to restore this once magnificent establishment to its former glory. They named it De Ware Jacob which means “one's perfect love” in Dutch and is located in the Jacob Obrechtstraat!
In 1985 the owner of the house began converting it into the hotel. By 2018, it was time to breathe new life into the old and run-down place. It took two years of complex and very thorough work to complete the total refurbishment of this historic building. The incredibly delicate process implemented the most recent and advanced building and comfort technologies, latest state-of-the art installations and interior materials, while still fully retaining the individuality and unique authentic personality.

The result, completed in March 2020, is De Ware Jacob Boutique hotel, a charming house filled with the best interior pieces, traditional Dutch antiques and contemporary design. It is a perfect harmony of functionality with elegance.
De Ware Jacob hotel was a private residence built in 1910 in the traditional Amsterdam style by local architect Ernst Roest.
Since the 1920s it was a residence of noble Jewish families who migrated from Russia after the revolution. In 1942 the house saw sad history, when all of its dwellers were arrested and deported to the concentration camps of Auschwiz and Sobibor. The building was later owned by several well-known local dignitaries. It is our great honour to continue the ongoing narrative that winds its way through heritage, culture and community spirit.
"De ware jakob vinden - Jakob en Rachel" by William Dyce